Roll or Walk with me (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany)

In A Nutshell

Contrary to my expectations, if I have to evaluate this place I would give it a 75 % accessibility rating. Most of the activities are possible with wheelchair users. Even the ski resort Zugspitsze is accessible. The cable cars are with access and up in the mountains you can explore too. But if your interested with skiing then you have to go to another place for that. This time I decided not to go up. Time was limited and me and my husband decided to have relaxing weekend by just enjoying the walks around in the old town. This is one of the place I wouuld say I would go back for a good break. I plan to go back on summer so I can enjoy the full panorama with colors and the villages are visible from the top of the mountains. I would like to discover hiking areas that are accessible and so I can try that. I have a lot of activities plan when I go back there. Please check the link for Zugspitze for more information.